About ÆSTELANCE shampoos
The consistency of ÆSTELANCE shampoos ensures an even application throughout the hair and distribution directly to the scalp. During the cleansing process, ÆSTELANCE shampoos produce a fine, creamy "care" lather for gentle, yet effective cleansing. Our shampoos are not designed to lather extensively. Lather increases the aggression of the cleansing agent, which can dry out hair. ÆSTELANCE shampoos are designed for daily use and for chemically-processed or color-treated hair.

Cleanse products
AS shampoo - For cleansing hair after swimming
D shampoo - For dry hair (medium to coarse) and scalp
DF shampoo - For dry hair (fine) and scalp
FI shampoo - Relieves flaky and irritated scalp
G shampoo - For healthy hair and scalp
GL shampoo - For frequent use on delicate or long hair
MC shampoo - For dehydrated hair and scalp
O shampoo - For oily hair and scalp

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Cleansing tips
Before shampooing hair, brush thoroughly in all directions to loosen dirt particles and detangle the hair. Avoid irritants, such as hot water or aggressive lather, which may dry or roughen the hair. Instead, use warm water and massage scalp gently.

To protect the ends of long hair, apply ÆSTELANCE leave-in moisture product to ends and top of head before applying shampoo.
Additional ÆSTELANCE products
Consult with your ÆSTELANCE Specialist to learn how the right combination of ÆSTELANCE cleanse, tone, moisturize, and design products can revitalize and bring out the best in your hair and scalp.